Hey Chick is a curated clothing boutique for women. Founded by owner Michelle Gilbert as an eCommerce site, Hey Chick has grown tremendously over the last year. Michelle’s vision for Hey Chick was an eCommerce experience that was transparent and honest with customers and would give them the confidence that when they shopped there the clothes would fit as advertised.

Before founding Hey Chick, Michelle already had 10 years of experience in the fashion industry working for luxury brands in New York City, specializing in wholesale. Michelle brought the project to GraVoc with great ideas and an ambitious vision for Hey Chick. She had seen the success of online sales in her past experience and wanted to create a unique, fun, and honest online shopping experience for her customers.

Integration development:

Our team worked diligently with her to create a full business solution on which to launch Hey Chick. The collaborative effort resulted in an eCommerce story on the WooCommerce platform. Our team built an intuitive customer experience into the site including product filtering, customer wish lists, customer accounts, and integration with MailChimp. For the administration side of Hey Chick we created an environment for Michelle to easily update and add new products herself. We also added detailed reporting and synching for Quickbooks and Square.

In 2017, Hey Chick began doing pop-up shops around Boston and the North Shore and they were a major success. Soon after, they opened their first brick-and-mortar store at the Burlington Mall where we also implemented a Square point-of-sale system. They saw a successful year at their new storefront and as of early November 2018, Hey Chick opened a second location at the Natick Mall. Congratulations Hey Chick!

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