GraVoc CEO, David Gravel, and Executive Vice President, Catherine Gravel have been named two of the 2016 North Shore Distinguished Leaders.This award is given to individuals who are active in the North Shore business community and the Chamber.  Members of the North Shore Chamber nominate individuals for this most prestigious acknowledgment who demonstrate the following qualities:

1. Demonstration of leadership
2. Commitment to social responsibility.
3. Strong community involvement.
4. Proven economic and/or social impact on the Region.
5. High level of creativity, innovation & determination.
6. Sustained enhancement of the quality of life in our community.

We couldn’t think of two greater candidates to receive this award than Dave and Cathy. We see first hand their contributions to the North Shore and what it means to be an active member of your community. Dave Gravel’s countless hours dedicated to his Peabody Education Foundation demonstrates what it takes to be a leader. The Peabody Education Foundation’s main goal is to benefit and guide children as they develop into successful citizens and leaders. Their signature program, Best Bet, gives students the opportunity to enjoy unique programs and advanced technology that are out of their school budgets. Through Dave’s fundraising, they have funded over 70 requests throughout the City of Peabody’s public schools between 2014 and 2015, totaling over $65,000. Along with Dave’s countless hours geared toward his foundation and our company, he has also served on the Peabody City Council   for over 20 years. Balancing a company, a foundation and being on the city council are just a few qualities that make David deserving of this distinguished honor.

Cathy Gravel embodies what it means to truly be an active member in your community. Recently, she helped organize the Peabody Centennial Parade which took nearly a year of hard work and dedication to plan. Hundreds of spectators took to the streets to enjoy this special occasion that was planned to every last detail. Cathy was also an active member of the Peabody Rotary Club for many years. In 2009, along with being named the Peabody Rotary Club’s Rotarian of the Year, she was awarded the prestigious Paul Harris Fellow distinction. Cathy received this award as a result of her tremendous efforts on several of the Peabody Rotary’s project committees.  She served as the chairperson of the Rotary scholarship committee, which awarded $11,000 of scholarships to Peabody students. Cathy has truly proven a commitment to social responsibility throughout her entire life.

Alongside their charitable work, Dave and Cathy have created a thriving business in the technology world by providing consulting services to those in the North Shore and beyond. For 22 years they have continued to grow our company to what it has become today. Cathy and Dave started GraVoc in their house back in 1994. Fast forward 22 years and we have just moved into our brand new state-of-the-art facility located at 10 Centennial Drive. Our new office is a reflection of both of their hard work and commitment. Dave and Cathy never gave up on their business, and without them, we at GraVoc would not be where we are today.

From all of us at GraVoc, we would like to congratulate Dave and Cathy on their achievements, hard work, and dedication in not only being a positive role model for us all, but for showing us how important it is to give back to your community.

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