Microsoft Business Solution Sure Step Methodology is a full customer lifecycle of helping solution providers better serve their customers. Sure Step covers Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM solutions such as Dynamics AX, CRM, GP, NAV and SL. The methodology was designed to help increase consistency, timeframes and success of Microsoft Dynamics products. Sure Step consists of 6 phases.

GraVoc Associates follows the Microsoft Business Solution Sure Step Methodology when implementing a new software for a customer. By following this methodology, GraVoc ensures that the customer receives a fully implemented software with design, setup and post launch support.

Steve Rizzo, Senior Associate and CRM Specialist, explains how GraVoc follows the Microsoft Business Solution Sure Step Methodology

Microsoft Business Solution Sure Step Methodology


The Diagnostic phase provides the proper guidance on Microsoft product capabilities.  The main focus of this phase is to initiate the project. You would want to setup a project plan and outline the objectives of which you would like to tackle. You would then want to agree on an approach  and scope out your deliverables in a ‘Scope of Work’ document.


The analysis phase is where most of the business processes are identified at a high level. This phase represents the official start of the project.  This is where both parties would come together to plan out how they will tackle their objectives. One of the most crucial parts of the analysis phase is gathering and documenting the customers business requirements. The Fit Gap is a spreadsheet which indicates elements are a fit for Microsoft Dynamics products.


The design phase sets the plan for how the implementation will happen. Configuration of the Microsoft Dynamics solutions are started and configured.  A BETA environment is established to support the configurations and prepare for the development.


The development phase is where most of the programming work is accomplished. This phase covers the creation of new features, adaption of existing features, data migration and more. Every single new and old feature must be properly tested to ensure that they are working properly. Along with testing new and old features, a test must be done on the security of the program as well. It is imperative to test your security during the development phase to avoid the risk of having a systems failure later on down the road.


The deployment phase is where all the previous steps come together. When these steps come together, it makes way for a successful transition to the new Microsoft Dynamics solution that was just installed. Major components in this phase include user training, performance trusting and user acceptance testing.


The last and final phase of the Microsoft Business Solution Sure Step Methodology is the Operation phase. Final activities are required to close out the project. The project is then transferred to the customer along with all knowledge of the product.  Key services such as go live support, final quality audit and project closure should all follow.

GraVoc Associates, located in Greater Boston in Peabody, MA, is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner dedicated to implementing ERP solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics AX, to commercial clients. A very small number of Microsoft partners have achieved the highest certification level.  GraVoc, however, has reached the highest certification level, maintaining the Gold Certification for several years through competence and rigorous ongoing re-certification efforts.

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