You probably never realized how much color plays a huge role in your company’s branding and appearance. Colors evoke emotions and moods from people unlike any other. According to the book ‘Management Decision‘ by Satyendra Singh, people make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with websites or products. About 62‐90% of the assessment is based on colors alone.

This is why color plays a huge role in your online appearance. From the color you choose for your headline text to the color you pick for the background,  this color scheme will set the mood for your website and ultimately your brand.

How do you know which colors are the right ones for your company? Finding the right colors for your brand is not hard. Ask yourself what does your brand represent? What emotions or feelings do you associate with your brand? Now associate these feelings with their proper color:



Power, Importance, Youth

Red is an extremely stimulating color. Around the world, red is known as the color of energy. It will attract the most attention and often represents important notices and warnings. If you notice on, they use red as an accent color. At the very top of the page they have a scrolling bar for ‘Breaking News’ which they have cleverly made red.  They also use the color red to stress important headlines. Using red as an accent color is great if you are trying to draw attention to a specific part of your website. The color red is great for capturing attention. It is the second most visible color, aside from yellow.

If not used right, the color red can work against you. Red can incite anger unintentionally or cause alarm to the viewer. Red can also be associated with  danger, violence, fire, anger, and war. If you are going for a more relaxed atmosphere, we would advise you to steer clear of

Companies that utilize the color red:


ORANGE Orange:

Friendliness, Energy, Uniqueness

Orange is a warm and vibrant color. It is considered to be energizing while at the same time welcoming. Orange is the only color that was named after an object – the orange.  Orange can create a warm, welcoming feeling for your customers that radiates friendliness. Use the color orange when trying to set a warm, and inviting atmosphere. Orange also radiates happiness as it is created by mixing a vibrant red with a cheerful yellow.

Before choosing orange, make sure you know what emotion you are going for as different shades of orange will represent different feelings. As mentioned above, orange usually is a warm and vibrant color. This type of orange is associated with a bright orange. Dark oranges can create a much different feel. Dark shades of orange can show signs of antiqueness or can give off a vintage feel.


Companies that utilize orange:




Happiness, Enthusiasm, Antiquity

Yellow is an extremely versatile color depending on which shade you choose. Bright yellows glow with enthusiasm and optimism and often provoke thoughts and thinking. Bright yellows will immerse your brand with color and energy. Dark shades of yellow, such as gold, represent antiquity and age. These darker shades are often related with timelessness and wisdom. When dealing with color printing, yellow is one of the ink colors along with Magenta and Cyan.yellow

Check out how Lipton Tea utilitizes yellow throughout their website.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 4.01.29 PM

Other companies that utilize Yellow in their branding:



Growth, Harmony, Renewal

Green gives off many different emotions. One emotion that it gives off is the feeling of growth.  Green gives a sense of renewal and restores exhausted energy. This is great to use if you are looking for an environmental or healthy theme as it balances emotions and inspires compassion. Green can also represent stability and endurance. Be cautious when choosing the color green, however, as green often signifies a sense of right and

Companies that utilize green:






Calm, Reliability, Openness

The color blue is often associated with calm and relaxing emotions. Blue is also associated with strength and reliability. The color blue will also emit feelings of loyalty and inner security which is why you may see technology and information security business’ using the color blue.

Social media giants such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter all utilize the color blue on their networks. Was this a coincidence or a well-thought out branding strategy? Here are some theories as to why the big 3 all chose to have a blue logo. One theory is that blue is a reflection of intellect and the mind, ultimately making it the color of communication, communication is the basis of social media networks.  Another theory is that blue represents reliability and trust which reflects upon all 3 of these networks greatly. And our last theory as to why social media networks tend to use blue is because blue is the most popular color in the world!


Companies that utilize the color blue:



Color Schemes


Useful links

Here are some useful websites to use when dealing with color and color palettes. These websites are great for helping you pick the right color scheme for your website or branding.


Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 9.20.11 AM
Paletton allows you to pick a color and then generates different color schemes based on the color that you chose. 
Visit Paletton


Adobe Color CC

Screen Shot 2015-06-08 at 12.35.32 PMAdobe Color allows you to upload your own image and then generates all the colors that are found in that image.
Visit Adobe Color

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