Last night May 19th, 2015, GraVoc Associates proudly celebrated the 2015 George Peabody Legacy Awards at Wiggins Hall at city hall in Peabody with the Peabody Education Foundation. The award ceremony was hosted to honor the 6 recipients of the George Peabody Award, Camille Bartlett, Edward Sapienza, Ellen Carlin Endslow, Hubert Buddy McVann, Phyllis Rantz and Maryellen Flynn for their hardwork and commitment to the city of Peabody. Their dedication has left a lasting impression on our great city as we continue to grow.

One thing made abundantly clear by those who introduced each recipient was the impact each educator had on the students they taught and the lives they touched. Each recipient spoke of their experiences in education and shared anecdotes and fond memories of their time spent in the Peabody school system.

Stephen Howlett, CEO Peabody Trust of London, brought David Gravel, CEO of GraVoc Associates and founder of Peabody Education Foundation, a gift statue from London honoring George Peabody and the Peabody Education Foundation. This is a replica of the George Peabody statue that sits in London. Dave and Stephen have created a great friendship over the great legacy of George Peabody and continue to keep his legacy award.FullSizeRender[1]


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