Cloud services have become increasingly popular in today’s world. These cloud services allow users to store their personal files onto a database and access them from anywhere, via the internet. However, depending on the nature of your business, storing and protecting your company’s most valuable information may be costly, and take up a great deal of space. To help provide a solution to this, GraVoc is proud to announce that we have become a partner/reseller of the cloud storage giant, Dropbox for Business.

This recent partnership will allow us to provide our clients with one of the most practical and logical space saving services out there, ultimately making their file sharing more efficient and secure. This service lets members of your team instantly sync and share data on any device, so that they can work together from anywhere. In addition to UNLIMITED storage, the Dropbox for Business account will give our clients more security provisions, and more administrative tools to manage their storage.

To get started using Dropbox Business, contact our Information Technology department.


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