Whether you’re an existing GraVoc customer or one of the many companies exploring support options for your Microsoft Dynamics AX, Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics SL, or Dynamics CRM software we’d like to hear your thoughts on both your relationship with your support provider and how we can help you to better leverage the investment you’ve made in your business management software.


In a recent MSDynamicsworld.com article titled “Dynamics Community Trends and Outlook Winter 2013/2014” it came to light that not only do almost 70% of Microsoft Dynamics users feel that their software is under-utilized or that they could use more features but that 20% of Microsoft Dynamics users rate their relationship with their support provider as either “Poor” or “No Relationship”.

While unfortunate, it’s not terribly surprising that customers are under-utilizing their CRM and ERP systems. In fact it’s quite common. Whether due to employee turnover, budget constraints, changing business models, or simply lack of training we often find that customers lack a full depth and breadth of knowledge of all the features available to them with their Dynamics software suite.

Meanwhile, the same report shows that most customers, 78% of them, plan to invest the same or more IT dollars to their Dynamics ERP or CRM systems in the coming year. That’s either an amazing statistic given the under- utilization rates or a symptom of them. What the report didn’t state is why customers are investing. Perhaps it’s to achieve the levels of use and business process efficiency they desire.

I will leave you with this: I believe that the second most important choice a business can make after selecting a software application is the partner that will implement, support, and enhance that software. If you’re going to invest further in Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM systems I suggest finding a full-service support provider that can handle all of your organization’s needs.  One that can implement the software, perform data migration, consult at a technical and functional level, as well as customize and integrate your software to your other systems. Short of that you’re looking at a too-many-cooks scenario which can be detrimental to your overall support.

For more information on the type of service we can provide your organization contact us. We will help.

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