GraVoc Media has recently launched their newest website creation, a website for Static Clean International. Static Clean International (SCI) is a leading supplier and manufacturer of static control products  and solutions in North America. For over four decades, SCI has supplied products, technology and advice to all clients that  require static control assistance across industrial, medial and electronic markets. SCI makes it their goal “to help reduce costs, improve operations, and increase quality.”

GraVoc Media built SCI a new site to neatly and efficiently showcase their products and solutions. Their site, built on the WordPress platform, organizes their products into main categories and subcategories for easy navigation. Their products are then given their own individual post with an image slideshow and option to download a spec sheet on that product. In addition, SCI’s site features a blog, FAQ section, and contact page complete with a contact form. Visit their website to learn more about Static Clean International, and what GraVoc Media has created for them.