Are you leaving yourself open to attack? Symantec recently released an infographic titled “Top 5 Computer Security Mistakes”, which lists ways people make themselves vulnerable to hackers and other cyber-attacks. Some of these might seem basic, but even the most minor slips in vigilance could compromise your computer’s (or network’s) security. Here are the top five mistakes, according to Symantec:

  1. Assuming OS patching is good enough
  2. Failing to enforce configuration
  3. Not enforcing password policies
  4. Not educating users
  5. Insecurely storing data

You should definitely check out the infographic (below, or at Daily Infographic) for more information in each of these areas. For information on how GraVoc can assist with securing your information, protecting your network, and implementing best practices in information security, please visit

Five common computer security mistakes

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