GraVoc Associates will be an exhibitor and presenter at The Warren Group’s annual event BankWorld on January 18. Along with a booth in the exhibit hall, GraVoc’s Information Security team will be presenting on securing the wireless environment in a bank or credit union. They will discuss how wireless networks can be vulnerable to attack and demonstrate publically available tools that are used to crack wireless networks.  They will also cover ways you can protect your bank’s wireless network against these tools, some of which are made out of common household items.

In the presentation, GraVoc’s team will show how hackers can infiltrate a wireless network using a “Cantenna,” an antenna made with a coffee or Pringles can. Similar devices can be purchased for a fairly low price. The “Cantenna”  amplifies the wireless signal and allows someone to detect a wireless network from beyond a close proximity. Learning to defend against such attacks is crucial as wireless becomes a standard feature in many financial institutions.

“It’s going to be an informative, humorous, and edgy presentation,” says Dan Vassallo, one of GraVoc’s Information Security associates.

If you’re at BankWorld on January 18, be sure to stop by GraVoc’s booth and say hello, and check out our presentation on securing your wireless network!

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