Earlier this year, GraVoc published a white paper on mobile device management and the risks of allowing smartphones and other mobile devices in the workplace. Today’s world is inundated with mobile technology, which makes it impractical for businesses to ban personal devices from the workplace. Yet the amount of information, and particularly business information, stored on these devices presents an enormous risk to a company and its customers should the device be hacked, stolen, or lost.

As mobile devices become ubiquitous in the home and work environments, companies are searching for ways to secure devices against external threats and user error. One such solution is AirWatch, a mobile device management platform that enables administrators to monitor user activity and establish security controls such as passcode settings and encryption. AirWatch also gives administrators the ability to remotely wipe the device and return it to factory settings in the event of theft or loss. This can be set up either on the business’s own network or managed through a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform.

While it may seem extreme to some businesses to implement such extensive security measures on employees’ devices, the fact is that the amount of data contained on mobile devices necessitates the creation of basic security controls at the minimum. Utilizing solutions such as AirWatch could help protect company and customer data and establish security best practices.

GraVoc has selected AirWatch as its device management platform and has been happy with the results. As a company with a focus on information security and risk management, we strive to conform to best practices as it pertains to data security. For more information on mobile device management and safeguarding your company’s information assets, please contact Director of Information Security Nathaniel Gravel.

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