Members of GraVoc’s Information Security practice have teamed up with local community banking professionals to arrange a Meetup event on Thursday, March 15 at 7:00 PM. The event, which will take place at The Vault Restaurant in Boston, is intended to be a casual gathering for anyone who would like to discuss the dynamic role of technology in community banking, the Boston business community, and other similar topics. The first round of drinks will be provided courtesy of GraVoc.

GraVoc has hosted Meetups previously to discuss Microsoft Dynamics AX, but this is the first Meetup event geared towards the financial services industry, and the first Meetup to take place after regular business hours. This Meetup is not restricted to IT professionals, but instead is open to everyone with an interest in the opportunities and challenges facing community financial institutions. To learn more about the event and to join our Meetup group, please visit

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