An article published on MSDynamicsWorld this week discusses reporting in Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and offers design recommendations to enhance user adoption and IT efficiency. The article begins by outlining the most common options that companies have when utilizing Microsoft Dynamics AX for business intelligence reporting: standard (or out-of-the-box) reports, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and third-party BI tools.
The article notes that while one of the primary benefits of an ERP solution is its ability to effectively present reports and data analytics, but that “the path to getting the right data delivered in the right presentation tools for the right audience is an inherently difficult task.” Thus, it is recommended that Microsoft Dynamics AX users strike a balance between standard, SSRS, and third-party reporting solutions.
Another key point of the article is the need to develop the correct reports to fit the company’s needs. This presents several challenges, such as ensuring adequate quality assurance and creating variations of the same report. The article concludes by offering six tips for designing reports:
• Get your data right.
• Reserve capacity for reactive reporting work.
• Understand the user scenario so you can choose the right tool.
• Engage your customer about realistic expectations of data quality.
• Take time to make your reports beautiful.
• Measure usage.
The article can be found accessed here. GraVoc can assist with implementing and customizing your ERP solutions; for more information on our services, please visit

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