Hacking for the masses

With sizable hacking groups such as Lulzsec and Anonymous grabbing media headlines, it’s little wonder that the general population has tuned in to learn more about hackers and their modus operandi. But while the folks of Anonymous are marking major targets such as Facebook, there are plenty of hackers pursuing smaller victims; specifically, your home and office. Thanks to a newly released Android application that mission just became a lot more convenient.

Zimperium, a security firm specializing in penetration-testing and mobile exploitation, recently unveiled their Android Network Toolkit at the DefCon hacking convention.  Called “Anti” for short, the tool allows a user to scan nearby Wi-Fi connections and search for vulnerable networks.  A user can then spy on local devices or hijack a machine. According to Zimperium, the application should be used to find vulnerabilities in your own network. Critics of the user-friendly app, however, are pointing out that it provides hackers of all skill levels a chance to easily attack networks.

“Just what the world needs, another killer mobile app for the clueless who want to hack but need only to push a couple buttons to find targets or to take control of computers and servers,” wrote one blogger on Computerworld.

Thus, the application is a double-edged sword in that it would allow IT professionals, such as those at GraVoc, the ability to quickly identify and address security vulnerabilities for clients, while also offering amateur hackers an easy way to practice their craft. As similar applications begin to appear and make it simple for anyone to become a hacker, the best solution is to preemptively protect your devices and avoid becoming an easy target.

The information security practice at GraVoc Associates, Inc. offers an array of IT Assurance services, including external penetration testing, internal vulnerability assessment, and risk assessment. To learn more about these services and how your company could benefit from them, please visit our website: www.gravoc.com.

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