Earlier this month, BankInfoSecurity.com highlighted a study that demonstrated how organizations who make consistent efforts toward compliance with their respective industry standards ultimately spend less money on security than those who regularly fall out of compliance.  This study provides yet another case for the adoption of security into overall corporate strategy and culture.  For more details on the findings and conclusions of this study, please refer to: http://www.bankinfosecurity.com/articles.php?art_id=3312&pg=1

GraVoc Associates, Inc. is based in Peabody, MA, and its information security practice has been serving customers in the financial services industry for over ten years in the areas of risk management, IT assurance, and audit.  GraVoc also offers solutions in the practices of IT and network services, information systems, media production, and professional services.  For more information about GraVoc, please visit https://www.gravoc.com.

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