Even as the world economy begins to show signs of rebounding, many organizations may be considering the merger and acquisition process. In a whitepaper now available on GraVoc.com, the GraVoc information security team analyzes the M&A process and the role of IT and information security considerations within the M&A due diligence step.

In order to access the whitepaper, it is necessary to enter a limited amount of information. GraVoc assures your information will remain confidential and will not be disseminated to any third parties.

Also available on the information security page is more detailed information in PDF files detailing the scope of services provided by the GraVoc team. An additional whitepaper addressing operational risk assessment is also available from this page.

GraVoc Associates, Inc, a full-service consulting firm based in Peabody, MA, is dedicated to providing solutions for businesses through the use of technology. To assist clients in an M&A process, GraVoc would leverage the knowledge of its staff spanning several of its practices. GraVoc provides consulting services in the practices of information systems, IT & professional services, information security, and media production. For more general information about the company and the services offered, please visit GraVoc.com.

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