The GraVoc News Blog is proud to announce that since its inception on November 7, 2008, it has recorded 100 unique blog posts.  This is an exciting milestone to reach, as a common trend is for an organization to start a blog, publish a dozen posts, and either run out of content, interest, or time to continue posting with any frequency.

Over this time, GraVoc has acquired DivergingSoul Media Production, who set up the original architecture of the blog as a service.  Presently, DivergingSoul’s blog services are encompassed under GraVoc’s media production services that leverage creative media, including social media, to enhance other businesses’ web presence.  GraVoc and DivergingSoul have helped several clients with services such as the establishment of their own blogs.

A key to a successful blog is consistency in post frequency, something we have preached slightly better than practiced while customer projects take priority.  However, GraVoc has published two blog posts in each month since the blog’s inception except for two.  We hope, however, that as the blog enters triple digits in post count and as it enters its third year of existence, it can be used as a forum to exchange ideas.  No matter your relationship with GraVoc, we strongly urge you to utilize the comments section.

As we mark this milestone, we would like to thank you for your readership.

GraVoc Associates, Inc, based in Peabody, MA, is a full-service consulting firm serving Greater Boston, New England, and beyond since 1994.  Specializing in the practices of media production, information systems, professional/technology services, and information security, GraVoc’s goal is to enhance its customers’ operations and profitability through leveraging technological solutions.  In 2010, GraVoc acquired DivergingSoul Media Production, who has been on top of innovation in the fields of social media, blogging, and web development since their inception in 2006.  For more information on DivergingSoul, please visit, and for more information on GraVoc’s other services, please peruse the previous 99 posts or visit

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