As summer comes to a close and people return from vacation, GraVoc Associates has been up to many projects and activities worth noting:

-From the certifications category, three of GraVoc’s staff members received good news in the mail from ISACA, as all three passed the exam for the Certified Information Systems Auditor designation. They have submitted their applications to the organization, but this is typically a formality. More detail about this upon the official acceptance of their certifications.

-Several employees across departments stayed after hours one night in August, demonstrating their commitment to delivering stronger, more dynamic reporting capabilities. Michael Roma was kind enough to donate his knowledge and his afternoon to a SQL reporting workshop, which was taken advantage of by much of the GraVoc staff.

-Coming soon to the GraVoc website will be some new material about the information security practice and some of the new and revised services offered to respond to customer demand. There will also be a series of new whitepapers being made available shortly.

-A significant cosmetic change is new to the GraVoc offices in downtown Peabody, MA, as the DivergingSoul media production team is making the finishing touches to a new digital sign greeting visitors to the building. Upon the completion of the project, we will post pictures to the GraVoc fan page on

GraVoc Associates is a 20-employee technology consulting firm divided into the practices of professional services, media production, information system, and information security. Many GraVoc clients are based in Greater Boston and New England, but several projects take GraVoc’s staff around the country and the world. Each practice is explained in more detail on, and we encourage you to peruse the website and the archives of the GraVoc News Blog, which is nearing 100 posts.

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