In the last few weeks, GraVoc has made efforts to give back to the Peabody community through a pair of educational programs.  Historically, GraVoc has an ongoing relationship with the Peabody Ed Council, and President/CEO David Gravel is the council’s current chair.  Recently, GraVoc has participated in the mentoring program and in Friday’s Peabody Veterans Memorial High School Career Day.

Several students interested in various aspects of business visited GraVoc for a taste of job shadowing.  Students with interest in business administration, computer programming, and media production spent a few hours behind the scenes at GraVoc.  Programmers Matt Coraccio and Paul Lincoln offered advice to a student who was interested in programming but had not yet taken any programming classes in high school.  “I only took one programming class in high school, and didn’t take any more until my sophomore year of college,” Coraccio said.  “I told him not to worry, and he had plenty of time to take classes.  It was great to see a student interested in what we do.”

GraVoc also sent three representatives to PVMHS Career Day, also put on by the Peabody Ed Council, this morning.  Aside from the free stress balls and candy selections, students asked questions about GraVoc, the types of services they offer, the level of education achieved by their employees, and the fields of study GraVoc’s employees pursued.  As GraVoc is a dynamic business with employees from many different backgrounds, students were encouraged to study fields they were interested in as undergraduates.

GraVoc Associates, Inc, based in Peabody, MA and serving Greater Boston, New England, and beyond in the practices of information systems, professional services, and information security, is a 17-employee firm whose professionals bring backgrounds from accounting and finance to communications to English to computer science.  Like many small businesses, GraVoc prides itself on its time spent on community service.  For more information about GraVoc, please visit, and for more information about the Peabody Education Council, please visit

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