Effective January 1, 2010, DivergingSoul Media Productions is now a division of GraVoc Associates, Inc. This is an exciting milestone as these two companies become one and GraVoc’s staff increases to twenty with the addition of DivergingSoul’s Brian Gravel and Matt Molk. DivergingSoul has served both individuals and businesses since 2006 in the fields of audio and visual media production, web design, and creative marketing strategies.

DivergingSoul brings an additional creative influence to GraVoc, who currently serves Greater Boston, New England, and beyond in the fields of information systems, professional services, and information security. Some of the services DivergingSoul brings to the table include the DS2 Network, which leverages digital signage in high-traffic areas, and Web 2.0 services, which use creative strategies and the use of user-friendly technologies (such as blogs like this one, Facebook, RSS feeds, etc.) to promote a company’s message and web presence.

GraVoc President/CEO David Gravel considers the merger a logical step in line with industry demands: “There is a blurring of the lines between the technology practices,” he said. “More and more of our customers are asking us to be able to support their web and training needs. In that light, the merge with DivergingSoul is natural as it further extends our ability to address our customers’ needs.”

“We’ve had a strong working relationship in the past and we are looking forward to a new chapter in our company’s history,” said DivergingSoul co-founder Brian Gravel. “The worlds of IT and AV have been rapidly merging together and the combination of DivergingSoul and GraVoc will create a one-stop solution for media and information solutions.”

DivergingSoul will keep its brand identity while operating as a division of GraVoc: This is currently reflected on the revamped divergingsoul.com. More information about the services offered by GraVoc’s newest practice is also contained on the website.

As a result of the merger, the GraVoc website has undergone some changes in look and functionality. To see these changes, learn more about GraVoc, or learn more about GraVoc’s newest division, please visit https://www.gravoc.com.

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