For those who do not personally institute a “No Facebook At Work” or even a “No Facebook At All” policy, GraVoc invites you to visit the company’s new Facebook fan page.  From the page, you will soon be able to view basic information about the company, connect with fellow customers/fans/well-wishers of the business, and have current posts of the GraVoc News Blog show up on your news feed.

Despite our expansion into this form of social media, GraVoc will not spam fans’ inboxes and will make all possible efforts to avoid the use of poor grammar, nonexistent punctuation, and web-speak acronyms.  The GraVoc Associates Facebook Fan Page is available here.

GraVoc Associates, Inc, based in Peabody, MA, specializes in providing technology-based solutions to small-to-midsized businesses in the fields of information systems, professional services, and information technology.  One of the services provided includes establishing your business’s web presence.  It is celebrating over fifteen years of business serving companies in a wide range of industries in Greater Boston, New England, and beyond.  For more information regarding the company, please visit

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