GraVoc Associates, Inc. featured their information security services at the 2009 Peabody Area Chamber of Commerce Business Expo on Thursday.  Additionally, GraVoc’s Dan Vassallo delivered a presentation about blogging and how the GraVoc News Blog improved the company’s web presence, credibility, and search engine optimization.

GraVoc shared a booth at the tradeshow with marketing consultant Divergingsoul Media Production, who also impressed attendees with its variety of digital media service offerings.  Attendees were encouraged to visit the GraVoc booth by the chance to win a portable media player.  Congratulations to Colleen Derrivan of Phil Richard & Associates Insurance, who won the raffle.

At the conclusion of the event, the Chamber of Commerce presented a panel of seven members who used non-traditional techniques to market their products or services.  Dan Vassallo represented GraVoc on the “7 Experts, 7 Tips, 7 Minutes” panel, explaining how the GraVoc News Blog has heightened GraVoc’s web presence and search engine optimization.  It is now easier for businesses looking for a Boston-area, North Shore, or Peabody technology consulting firm or Microsoft Dynamics partner to find GraVoc and learn more about the services the business provides.  Dan has received comments from competitors, vendors, and customers about how the blog has made the firm appear to really be on top of relevant issues.  It also lets customers know what is new with the business.

GraVoc Associates, Inc., based in Peabody, MA, is a seventeen-person consulting firm specializing in the areas of professional services, information systems, and information security.  For more information on GraVoc and the services the company provides, please visit or check out the archives of the GraVoc News Blog.

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