Part of the buzz surrounding GraVoc Associates’ fifteenth anniversary party last month was the fact that the company was celebrating its first retirement.  Yesterday it became official, as office manager Patricia Kulakowski stepped down from her post at the front of the GraVoc building.

Pat had worked in this capacity at GraVoc since 1996, and she will be celebrating her retirement by taking a trip to Aruba with her husband next week.  The entire GraVoc staff congratulates Pat on her milestone and sincerely appreciates her many years of service and contributions while at the company.

Pat will be replaced by fellow Peabody native Connie Leaver, who began working full-time at GraVoc last week.  Having previously worked in both the insurance and in the banking industries, Connie is eager to bring a unique view to the consulting firm.  The GraVoc organization warmly welcomes Connie and encourages customers to greet her kindly the next time they call or stop by.

GraVoc Associates, celebrating fifteen years on the North Shore, is dedicated to increasing customers’ efficiency and profitability through technology.  GraVoc provides services in the three practices of professional services, information systems, and information security.  For more information regarding the business, please visit

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