The Massachusetts Office of Consumer Affairs and Business Regulation (OCABR) has again pushed back the date at which the new Massachusetts General Law 93-H goes into effect. The new date is January 1, 2010.

MGL 93-H is better known as the “Massachusetts Data Protection Law.”

A press release from the OCABR is available here.

Massachusetts General Laws 93-H and 93-I are generally considered the toughest laws in the nation regarding identity theft prevention. This law requires businesses containing either paper or electronic files with personal identifiable information to have a comprehensive information security policy. The specification of the information security policy are available in PDF format here.

Governor Deval Patrick announced the impending enforcement of this law last fall and GraVoc Associates, Inc. was one of the first firms to address the law’s tough standards. Starting in November, GraVoc began offering services to help small businesses safeguard its customers’ and employees’ personal information and comply with MGL 93-H. Since, the OCABR has given businesses more time to undertake 93-H compliance efforts, pushing back the January 1, 2009 deadline to May 1, 2009, and now to January 1, 2010.

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