GraVoc’s Field Service (GFS) Application was designed to streamline the processes of dispatching, mobile communication to technicians doing field service, tracking time, billing customers quickly and correctly, and developing a comprehensive service history for each client. As the development of this application progressed throughout 2008, GraVoc’s personnel wasted several hours every week with a convoluted, inefficient billing procedure.

Up until December 8, service calls, time sheets, customer time tracking, and customer billing were all handled by different applications at GraVoc. Each employee had differently-formatted time sheets, and staff members needed to enter the same information into different programs. This process cost GraVoc’s staff time that could have been spent on other projects.

After months of development and the successful implementation of GraVoc Field Service software for a client, GraVoc implemented the system internally on December 8th. Almost immediately, the staff saw benefits of a new, streamlined process:

  • Each time sheet is now in the same format.
  • Technicians can enter notes regarding service calls immediately—even while still on-site—and the time sheets are automatically entered.
  • Management is three clicks away from viewing how many hours and which supplies were used in the service call.
  • There is no longer a need for wading through time sheets to formulate a service history for each customer, as each call is saved on a server through GFS.
  • One program is used by the dispatcher, the technicians, and the accounting staff, providing less confusion and a quicker billing process.
  • Within a week, the entire staff is capable of using the software, as it is extremely easy to learn and use immediately.

GraVoc is confident that GFS is capable of doing the same with your service-based business. Originally designed for a boiler service business, GraVoc Field Service Application’s scalability and versatility resulted in an instant solution for GraVoc’s own business. No matter the industry, if you provide top-flight services to your customers and want to eliminate constant headaches and lost time, GFS might be the solution for you.

Please visit the homepage or contact a representative at GraVoc Associates, Inc. at 978-538-9055 or at for more information on this very powerful solution or a demonstration.

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